Treatment prices


90 minute Colonic Hydrotherapy session £75.00.


This is unhurried, with plenty of time for analysis, and advice. Including follow up support after the treatment if needed via phone or email.

90 minute Colonic Hydrotherapy with added bacterial implant £90


A bacterial implant puts the good bacteria directly into the colon. After the colonic, the colon is clean and receptive, and the bacteria is absorbed to where it needs to be instantly, without having to travel through the body taking an oral form. This is excellent to help boost immune system functioning, and to help the body to function at is optimum.



Often, especially initially, it may be necessary to have more than one colonic close together.  If this is the case, and they are needed, we can offer a discount.  This will need to be paid in advance of the treatments, and is based upon financial need.  Please discuss if needed. 



150 min session (2.5 hours) Colonic Hydrotherapy, with Healing £110


This will be a tailor made session, that focusses on things you want to change, that may need to be moved, or transformed. Looking at the underlying energies or patterns carried in your body. This may be emotional, spiritual, or even ancestral. We are happy to discuss this option upon request as it is different for each person.  Alison is trained, gifted, and experienced in a number of different healing modalities.





Tranquil Private Clinic, with easy parking and close access to local transport.

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