I have been a regular client of Alison's for over 13 years which is testament in itself.  The health benefits of Colonics are amazing, including an increase in my energy levels and well-being.  Alison is a professional, warm and caring therapist and I always feel comfortable and safe in the healing space she has created.





Ive been working with Alison for more than a year now.  Alison is an excellent professional with an authentic presence.  The effectiveness of her treatments are pure magic.  I have full trust in her and would recommend her.


Senior Social Worker


have suffered with constipation my whole life, but always thought it was something I just had to live with. Then, about 3 years ago, I hit rock bottom - so to speak! I literally hadn't "been" for 10 days and was in agony. In desperation, I trawled through information and came across Alison. I phoned her and she saw me the very same day. To say she was amazing is an understatement. She totally put my mind at rest and was so sympathetic and understanding. She talked me through everything and then I had my first colonic. The relief!!! It was incredible. There was no pain, no embarrassment, no smell - all the things you read horror stories about. The whole experience was relaxed, and I would even say pleasant. Most of which is down to Alison.  I now have colonics regularly every 3 months and it really has changed my life!

Lisa Gordon

Dental Nurse


Colonics with Alison have supported the flow of my life no end!  The compassionate space Alison holds is a rare and beautiful thing, allowing self-acceptance and love on a whole new level.  True healing sessions, that blow me away each and every time. I am so grateful to have met Colonic Hydrotherapy, and to receive it the Alison way.
Jo Linney

Yoga Teacher/Artist


I have been treated by Alison for many years.  She is my first port of call for detoxing.

Bhavna Patel

Alison gives a very special and wonderful colonic treatment.  I have tried several       colonic therapists around the world, and none is as effective, compassionate, generous and gentle as Alison.  Her non-preachy and non-judgemental approach, combined with her experience in other fields of healing, make her the best. 
Being a very private person, I was naturally quite nervous having a colonic for the first time.  Alison's beautiful treatment room and loving energy had me feeling relaxed straight away.  Her technique and professionalism was just great.  I didn't once feel uncomfortable about what was happening, and at no point did I feel physically uncomfortable either!  Alison explained throughout what she was doing and how it all worked.  It really felt like the whole experience was tailored to my specific needs. I would (and do) recommend Alison to anyone and everyone!  If you have ever thought about having this sort of treatment don't hesitate anymore!  She is by far the best.
Nursery Owner.
I have known Alison for some time, and I have been aware from the beginning of her innate healing and intuitive powers. Gently stepping in to the role of Healer has drawn together her unique gifts.  She has created a Treatment Room which immediately envelops the Client with a sense of ease and tranquility.  Alison's idea to combine healing, with colonic hydrotherapy helps to further release those emotional energies that tend to remain stuck within our bodies and can increase the potential for a physical ailment to manifest itself at a future date.
This is inner cleansing on a truly deep level!
I received a healing session from Alison just over two weeks ago.  The following morning, without being at all conscious of my need to want to change the pessimism, worry and negative thoughts I had carried for nearly four years, I started making physical and potential life-changing decisions.
My first act was to start body pump classes at a local health club.  I have a gym at home and I have rarely used it in the last four years.  In fact, I have used it more in the last two weeks than in the last four years!  This physical activity has energised my mind and body and I feel a very different person from prior to my healing session.  I carried out all the rituals that Alison asked me to do to banish my negative thoughts and already, my nearest and dearest are commenting on the physical changes as well as my newly-found positive outlook. I feel in my bones that this is just the start of the change within me and I cannot wait to see how other changes will manifest themselves.
Carly Read
Business Woman.

How glad I am to have a space to share the wonder of what Alison has done for me. I was in a dark space physically and mentally when we first met. Traditional doctors and extensive internet research had failed me. I felt hopeless about my condition, intestinal parasites. A colonic treatment with Alison was the life-changing turning point which began my journey not only of recovery but to a place that is better than I could have imagined. A journey which continues and will continue for as long as I want it to.

In simple terms, in that first meeting Alison made me feel better about my situation and helped me to believe that everything was going to be OK. The weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders. Through contact afterwards she recommended me some different treatment through another healer. This showed a real honesty and awareness of my issues. This and a further colonic with Alison and the parasites were gone.

Relief and bliss! And a zest to continue work with Alison to move forwards. I have benefited from further colonics and healing sessions with her. The healing sessions helped to reach deeper aspects of my life, unlocking and encouraging my own potential. The results have strengthened my relationship with my children and made me a really strong mother. I have broken out of destructive patterns and been flourishing in my career. 

I have also attended some of her magical guided meditations set during new and full moons.  A different experience every time and difficult to describe. The results are many and varied. These experiences help to move forward with personal issues and provide a space to connect with the wider world and beyond.



I have been a client of Alison's for over ten years now.  I am happy to travel from the far end of East Sussex to the lovely, welcoming sanctuary within her home.  I have tried, tested, and dealt with numerous other therapists in pursuit for well being, for over two decades.  I can safely sta that Alison is the best of the best.  Alison is dedicated to helping others.  She is also committed to offering a level of continuous excellence, both clinically, and holistically.  She is grounded, down to earth, and good fun too!  I leave her practice full of energy, literally bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Glowing with health.  Nothing fazes Alison, and she's helped me through some extremely challenging times, including a significant bereavement.  I really can't recommend her enough.

Louise Grace

Holistic Therapist





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